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Women's Soft Maternity Leggings

Women's Soft Maternity Leggings

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Thick, stretch basic leggings in neutral colors.
Helps stretch your pregnancy wardrobe further.
Baby bump has extra stretch paneling.

There's a time in every woman's life where she decides how she does casual: jeans, sweats, track suit bottoms?
If you have always been about the leggings, or embraced them in the latest fashion wave, we want to keep bringing you leggings to love.
With us, there's no need to change your way of dress just because you're dressing for two.

Material: Cotton Blend
Size: Waist: 33.85"-62.99"Length: 40.15" Tight: 15.74"-29.52" Girth of Paunch:34.64"-55.11"

Package Includes:
1 x Legging