Men's and Women's Teardrop Crown Felt Fedora Derby Hat

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Fedoras have been a fashion staple for over 100 years.
Checkered hound's-tooth print and narrow brimmed trilby style.
This wool felt fedora hat will make a dapper addition to your outerwear collection!
The wool felt hat is soft, durable, and will keep you warm in the cold weather months.
Recreate or just tip a hat to the past with our classic, timeless fedoras.
Perfect for dances, plays, musicals and theatre performances.
Create your own legend in this dashing "rich man's hat."
Reminiscent of the sixties and classic films.
Brilliant for special occasions and formal affairs like derbies, weddings, and proms.

Material: Wool Felt Blend
Size: Circumference: 23", Height: 5", Brim: 2"
Color: Brown/Beige, Grey/Black

Package Includes:
1 x Hat