Kids  Solid Plush Bath Robe Hooded Robe

Kids Solid Plush Bath Robe Hooded Robe

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Warm and cozy is how your kids will feel when hanging out inthecozy plush microfiber wrap robe
Great for kids out of the shower, the pool, or just to keepthem warm aroundthe house. Roomy hoods are perfect for keeping ears toasty
sleeves can be folded up if is too long

Size: S: Shoulder: 13.0", Sleeve Length: 12.0",Robe Length:22", Recommended for 1-3 year olds
Size: M: Shoulder: 14.0", Sleeve Length: 16.5",Robe Length:28", Recommended for 4-6 year olds
Size: L: Shoulder: 15.5", Sleeve Length: 18.0",Robe Length:32", Recommended for 7-9 year olds
Size:X L: Shoulder: 18.5", Sleeve Length: 20",Robe Length:38", Recommended for 10-12 year olds

Product Features:
Roomy hood for complete warmth
Single belt loop, belt included
Double-stitched pockets
How to choose a good Children'sBathrobes
Children's skin isgenerally more delicate, the fabric mustbe soft; the child is also very easy to sweat, be sure the material to isabsorbent. The coral velvet fabric is the most ideal to meetthese tasks andoffers the comfort of fluffy texture


Cleaning instructions :
Suitable hand wash: soak at room temperature for half anhour, then rub gently squeeze, natural drying after cleaningis completed. Noiron.
Machine wash also OK, but do not bleach, use neutraldetergent, lakewarm water, do not soak morethan 10 minutes. Put the bathrobeinside out in a ventilated space to drynaturally. Wash individually, not tocombine with other clothes

Caring for Coral Velvet :
1. Clean regularly, dry under the sun, and pat gently,toremove the dust adhered and make the material fluffy and soft.
2. For storage, place it flat in drawer or bag, to preventextrusion and keep texture fluffy, do not put mothballs and other insectrepellent chemicals directly above the robe